A new compilation of Jana's chants for spiritual seekers all over the world. Some are familiar from other albums and others have never been released before... The 'memory deep within' is an ancestral pattern that leads us to follow ancient trackways and visit ancient stone circles and barrows. The information that is 'buried' in these places is enabling us to wake up to our connection to Sacred Mother Earth...



(1) Gathering Together chant
(2) I am a Woman
(3) Ancestral Songlines
(4) Ancestor chant
(5) Raven chant
(6) Sacred Grove
(7) We are the Walking Breath
(8) Ancient Altar song
(9) Mother Earth
(10) We are Alive
(11) I Spin the Golden Threads
(12) Star People's chant
(13) E Aloha Mana Pono

You can hear short clips of the highlighted tracks (one minute or less) by clicking on the links. If they don't work for you, check your sound is turned on. You may need to download Real Player (which you can get for free here) if they still don't work.

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