Dancing with Infinity CD
Circle of Oak

A special CD to mark the end of 2012 and open the doorway to the new era... This is a companion album to Jana's workshop of the same name, 'Dancing with Infinity' and it will take you into a world of prayers, mantras, sacred chants and blissful journeying. Opening with a Native American version of 'Ancient Mother' - 'Hola Mama' - Jana then reads the 'Prayer of the 7 Galactic Directions' by Jose Arguelles followed by the famous 'Hunab Ku' mantra to the Cosmic Source. Connecting to the hearbeat of life, you are then taken into the mantra of 'Ma Aham' and the Sacred Marriage prayer written by Jana. 'Om Mara' is a gentle merging of the 'Ma' and 'Ra' energies of Goddess & God before embarking on a journey through the chakras with 'Mother Earth' at the root chakra and 'Star People's song' at the crown. Jana combines English chants with Sanskrit mantras, combining 'Shiva Shakti Om' with 'I See the Light Within' and the mantra to the Divine Self 'Ma Aham' with 'Dancing with Infinity'. A beautiful album for prayer, meditation and personal journeying.



1. Hola Mama
2. Prayer of the 7 Directions
3. Hunab Ku
4. Ma Aham
5. I Carry the Fire
6. Om Mara
7. Mother Earth
8. Born of Water
9. Om Shri Rama
10. Om Mani Padme Hum
11. Power from Within
12. I See the Light Within (Shiva/Shakti Om)
13. Star People's Song
14. Dancing with Infinity (Aham Prema)
15. All is One

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