Sophia Goddess of Wisdom

This album is a live recording of the music from a play
by Kathy Jones, “And They Called Her Name Wisdom”,
performed by community players in Glastonbury. The
songs and instrumental pieces have a stunning magical
quality to them, as the music takes you into the world
of discovering the Goddess Sophia, goddess of



(1) Song of Hochma
(2) Lady Alchemia
(3) Sophia, Lady Wisdom
(4) Isis
(5) I am a Breath of Power
(6) Orchards of Avalon
(7) Watchers
(8) Merlin Theme
(9) Nine Morgens
(10) Song of Subversion
(11) Black of Blacks
(12) Arthur Crossing the Lake
(13) Black Wisdom
(14) Dance of the Seven Veils
(15) White Wisdom
(16) Seven Pillars of Wisdom
(17) Red Wisdom
(18) Marriage Dance
(19) I am Wisdom


You can hear short clips of the highlighted tracks (one minute or less) by clicking on the links. If they don't work for you, check your sound is turned on. You may need to download Real Player (which you can get for free here) if they still don't work.

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