WILD WOMEN is a women’s band from Glastonbury, England, fronted by Jana Runnalls on
lead vocals, Kat Brown on bass and backing vocals, Lydia Lyte on drums and Oshia Drury
on backing vocals. They have been playing together since 1994.

The style of WILD WOMEN is a fusion of jazz, R n’ B, reggae and African drumming,
mixed with the inimitable rich vocal sound which is their trademark and underpinned
by the funky bass groove of Kat Brown and her sister Lydia on drums.

They have recorded the following albums over the past 10 years:

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1. RUFF (1994)

2. TRIBE (1995)


3. BLUES BAND (1997)

4. FIERCE HEART (1999)

Fierce Heart

Peace Song

5. PEACE SONG (2003)

12. Venus Rising (2005)

Venus Rising


They are well-known and well-loved for their appearances at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and other festivals including the WIT Women’s Festival in Wales, Bristol Gay Pride, the internationally famous Glastonbury Pop Festival and Chard Women’s Festival.

Jana Runnalls was a leading voice in the world of feminist music of the 70’s and 80’s when she toured extensively with Rosemary Schonfeld in OVA for 13 years. They became well-know all around Europe and America with their wicked wackiness and political lyrics, challenging attitudes and creating a new radical sound for women’s creativity. They played at many festivals during that time, including The Michigan Womyn’s Festival, the Women’s Festival at the Melkweg in Amsterdam and “Larm und Lust” in Berlin.

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