Jana Runnalls

Singer, songwriter
and performance artist

The music of Jana Runnalls spans a time period of twenty years. During that time, she has explored the essenceof women’s music, from the sacred source to the wild, untamed powerful sound of Wild Women. Her albums express a deep sense of exploration, expansion, transformation and celebration of personal and collective visions.

The Jana Runnalls music section reflects her love of ceremonial chanting and drumming, vocal improvisation and shamanic journeying. She has been recording her solo albums since 1985, which started with “Ancestral Dream” - and the improvised theme of this music threads its way through all her albums.

In date order, her albums are as follows:

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Dancing with Infinity
Ancestral Dream

1. Ancestral Dream (1985)

2. Eye of the Womb (1988)

Eye of the Womb
Tree Magic

3. Tree Magic (1989)

4. Sophia Goddess of Wisdom (1994)

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom
Speaking in Tongues

5. Speaking in Tongues (1994)

6. Lady of the Lake (1997)

Lady of the Lake
I Sing Her Praises

7. I Sing Her Praises (1999)

8. Return to the Goddess (1999)

Return to the Goddess

9. Earthbeat (2000)

10. Sacred Home (2004)

Sacred Home
Drumming the 20 Count

11. Drumming the 20 Count (2005)

12. Chakra Mantras (2007)

Sacred Home
Drumming the 20 Count

13. Buffalo Dreaming (2007)

14. Vocal Healing (2007)

Sacred Home

Sacred Home

16. Drum Spirit
Medicine Journey (2008)

Sacred Home

Sacred Home

18. Abalone Moon
Medicine Healer (2011)

Sacred Home

Sacred Home

20. Songs Of Honouring (2012)

Songs of Honouring CD

Circle of Oak CD

22. Dancing with Infinity (2012)

Dancing with Infinity CD

Gayatri Mantra CD

23. Mantra Magic (2013)

Mantra Magic CD

Ancestral Songlines CD

25. La Curandera

La Curandera CD

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